The Beer Holster Manifesto

I, as a human being, am meant to take control of my universe. My species invented fire. We invented the automobile. We even invented a stick for photographing ourselves. So how, for thousands of years, have I been complacent to hold my own drinks like a savage? From this day forth, I declare independence from the can and the bottle.


  • No longer shall I search a table of half-empty cans to remember which was mine!
  • No longer shall I have to force my child to be a designated beer holder!
  • No longer shall I be limited only to two drinks at a time!

I am breaking up with you, koozie. Thanks to Holster Up, I am taking back my freedom. My drink will never again keep me from partaking in my favorite activities. I will grill, fish, hunt and hammer, all without sacrificing access to my refreshment. I will enjoy my surroundings without worry or distraction. 
Today, I begin again, enlightened and evolved. 

Welcome to the Holster Up! Community

Lastly, we ask that you innovate! Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our customers and seeing our invention brought to life in new ways. Our community always manages to exceed even our wildest imagination. We have seen it used for boating, bachelor parties, and even in a Budweiser commercial. There's even legend of brave dads using it for baby bottles. There's truly no wrong way to use a beer holster. On some days, we even support use as a water holster (in the long run, more hydration = longer life = more beer). 
Pick your favorite style, find your own favorite occasion to use it, and let us know what you came up with. You might even find your story shared on this website or our infamous Instagram feed. We're glad you took the time to visit us here, and hope you like what you find. We can only hope that you will have as much fun using it as we did creating it. 
Make today a beer holster day!