Holster Up enthusiasts can be found knee-deep in Yellowstone River, playing corn hole in their Dallas backyard, grilling burgers along Lake Tahoe, and walking the Las Vegas Strip at the start of an epic night out.  Here are just few things this great group has to say about Holster Up!   

"The groomsmen absolutely loved the brown leather Holster Ups. It was a creative gift idea that was used throughout the wedding weekend! The bridesmaids were definitely jealous." - Chas, Louisiana  

 Read my lips this is what every man on the face of the earth needs everyday of his life. All my friends want to know where I got it... how much was it.... and how soon can they get one.” - Michael, California

 “The Holster Up drink holster is well constructed product that solves the problem of what to do with your beverage when you are hooked up.  Every angler should own one." Pete Gray, Host of Let's Talk Hookup radio show